Tony Hudson

14 Point Advanced

Richard Smith

14 Point Handicap

Eddy Knapton

Handicap Doubles

Graham & Peter D.

Advanced Doubles

Eddy & Robert

Handicap Advanced

Chris Donovan

Margaret Brown (MBMC)

James Handley


Alan Smith

The Founders

Sylvia Shepherd

Championship (H’cap Knockout)

Graham Colclough


Barbara Edwards

The Llew (Most improved player)

James Handley

The Penny Quaich (Most carded games)

Graham Colclough

The Shrewsbury Peeler

Martin Twinberrow

The Ladder

James Handley

The Marathon

Jim Penny

The Masters

Sean Sheridan

18 Point weekend

Eddy Knapton


Shrewsbury Croquet Club

2016 Results